Darko Living life as an active person with a disability in today's terms is philosophy. Movement of persons with disabilities, stands for a different way of looking at disability, self-determination, self- respect and equal opportunities.
In many countries, and so is in the Republic of Serbia when it comes to media, are established ideas and predominantly medical approach to disability that contribute to negative attitudes towards people with disabilities. They often publish articles in newspapers, movies, photos of people with some form of disability as sick, defective and deviant persons, as objects of professional intervention, as a burden to themselves and their families, dependent on other people's mercy.
Such entrenched attitudes have consequences for their opportunities in education and employment and establishing and ensuring their families. Everywhere in the world, people with disabilities make the most of the poor, but in the Republic of Serbia Movement of persons with disabilities is provided adoption large number of very advanced law, that will allow people with disabilities to move from the zone of passive recipients of social welfare to the active factors in the creation of gross national income. Special education is replaced by the inclusive approach and the concept of integration, normalization and rehabilitation of medical professionals and with a new paradigm developed by disabled people themselves. The ideologists and organizers of active life were people with severe disabilities.
Message from Movement of persons with disabilities, bearing in mind the above, is that society needs to be better acquainted with people with disabilities, and with this project persons with disabilities want to take the initiative, individually and collectively, in designing and promoting the true image of people with disabilities who are active in the private, family and professional life.
A true image of Beogard will go into the world thanks to the film festival, ideology of active life will include disability outside medicine, deinstitutionalism and inclusion regardless of the type. The festival will show that Belgrade supports the rich diversity, not just another review where the authors provide awards to each other, but place for the development of amateur film of the most marginalized populations, ie. persons with disabilities.
This festival will be a bridge between the Serbian amateur film on this theme and the rest of the world, author or projects and assets, and most importantly, the film and the Serbian public, that all rarely go to the cinema.
I would like to thank, for great team collaboration, to Marko Stojanović, Dara, Milica Mihailović, Raco Rista, Vesna Bogunović, Nebojša Pospišil, Nikola Grivcov, Ljubica Beljanski – Ristić, Đorđe Jovakarić, Vanja Đorđević, Jelena Knežević...

Darko Ivić
Festival Director

Marko Dear friends,

BOSI Fest or BOSI Film Festival is an international disabled film and television festival organised for the first time in Belgrade and Serbia with the idea of using those wonderful media and arts of motion pictures to advocate the equality of people with disabilities in arts, education, sports, li- fe in all.
The films presented were made by and/or about people with disabilities just like this festival that from a single event idea of mr.Darko Ivić, a person in wheelchairs himself, became a basis for a larger three-days festival of arts, sports and education for people with disabilities with art wor- kshops, stage plays, exhibitions and promotions, concerts and other events in the hart of Serbia’s capital Belgrade.
It is a great honour to be the Director of this film festival and an enormous responsibility. I have to say that I was very afraid to put on a specialised film festival in just few weeks not knowing if we will receive any film with such short notice to filmmakers. We are all now aware of a great world wide production of films of different formats, genres and lengths about and by people with disa- bilities. It is a widespread community of filmmakers that are trying to sculpt a better world for all with their motion pictures. Thanks to their prompt reactions we now have an international film fe- stival with more than 55 works from 18 countries and 3 continents.
We are showing all the works we have received and will continue to do so in the future to hono- ur the effort of all the filmmakers and their story leads, main characters, crew and important topi- cs and issues they are addressing.
Never the less we have divided the program into three segments - Competition, non-competitive program and promotion. As we did not want to segregate the works nor influence the audience in any way with this catalogue the films are not marked by the program segments.
This year’s promotional program belongs to a partner film festival organised for the first time last year in Belgrade with a very strong competitive segment about people with disabilities – The Bel- grade International FICTS Sport Film Festival.
I have to thank people with disabilities and all the filmmakers for making this world a better pla- ce and all the people involved in organising this festival, especially mr.Darko Ivić, and International Relations Manager and my wife Dara, Vanja, Milica all of them were working day and night just li- ke the Jury which had a very short time to see all the films and of course, all the Government and City of Belgrade institutions and other partners that made all of this possible.
Thank you and let’s do this again next year.
Aaaaaand ACTION!

Docent Marko Stojanović
Director of the BOSI Fests Film Festival

BOSI FEST 2010 IS...

Direktor festivala

Darko Ivić
E-mail: bene@ptt.rs

Umetnička direktorka

Mr Vesna Bogunović
E-mail: vesna@sumatovacka.rs

Direktor filmskog programa

Doc.Marko Stojanović
E-mail: markomima@gmail.com

Tehnički direktor

Nebojša Pospišil
E-mail: nebojsa.pospisil@gmail.com

Direktor sportskog programa

Željko Dimitrijević
E-mail: zeljkodimi@yahoo.com

Menadžerka festivala

Milica Mihailović
E-mail: office@bosifest.rs

Umetnička foto radionica Šumatovačke

Autor i voditelj: Aleksandar Radoš
E-mail: arados@verat.net

Slikarska radionica Šumatovačke

Autor i voditelj: Mr Jadran Krnajski
E-mail: jadrankrnajski@gmail.com

Stručni saradnik za program festivala

Risto Raca
E-mail: rraca@starigrad.org.rs

Stručna saradnica za prateći program festivala

Ljubica Beljanski
E-mail: ristici@sbb.rs

Urednica filmskog programa

Dara Gravara Stojanović
E-mail: dara.gravara@gmail.com

Tehnička podrška

Đorđe Jovakarić
E-mail: jdjolle@gmail.com

Poslovna sekretarica

Vanja Đorđević

Voditeljka programa na otvorenom

Zorica Lazarević
E-mail: lazareviczorica@gmail.com

Saradnica za program tribina

Jelena Knežević
E-mail: jecaknezevic@gmail.com

Web saradnik

Mihajlo Prerad
E-mail: mprerad@gmail.com

Web saradnik

Nenad Božidarević
E-mail: nbozidarevic@gmail.com


Nikola Grivcov


Kosta Ristić
E-mail: kosta_ristic@yahoo.com

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