Third festival day - 30.5.2010.


Trg Nikole Pаšićа
Movie showings start at 11:00 (until 17:00)
Starts at: 11:00

Title: Legal Capacity Deprivation-With No Rights To Rights

Country: Serbia
Duration: 0:16:00
Production: Mreža Production Group
Director: Aleksandra Krstić

Title: We Can More

Country: Serbia, 2006
Duration: 0:18:30
Production: RTS Serbian Broadcasting Corporation Čačak Studio
Director: Silvija Pašajlić
Writer: Silvija Pašajlić

Title: Street Anthem

Country: USA, 2006
Duration: 0:04:00
Production: D Entertainment
Producer: Jack GIBSON
Writer: Cameron Lasley

Title: Drona And Me

Country: Nederland, 2009
Duration: 0:19:00
Production: Zuidenwind Filmproductions (
Director: Catherine van Campen
Producer: Joost Seelen
Writer: Catherine van Campen

Title: Permission To Grow

Country: USA, 2006
Duration: 0:01:00
Production: Random 1 Productions & East Brook Entertainment for A&E Network
Director: John Chester
Producer: John Chester
Writer: John Chester and Andre Miller

Title: Lester Magoogan The Documentary

Country: Great Britain
Duration: 0:12:00
Production: Wesley & Lester Magoogan
Director: Wesley & Lester Magoogan

Title: The Office That Overslept

Country: Great Britain
Duration: 0:04:59
Director: Wesley & Lester Magoogan
Producer: Wesley & Lester Magoogan
Writer: Wesley & Lester Magoogan

Title: The Listener

Country: Ireland, 2004
Duration: 0:10:49
Director: Michael Chang
Producer: Michael Chang, Valerie Parker
Writer: Michael Chang
Starts at: 13:00

Title: Mr. Blue Sky

Country: USA, 2007
Duration: 1:24:00
Production: Bluesky Magic Production LLC
Director: Sarah Gurfield
Producer: Karuna Eberl
Writer: Tom Paddy Lee
Starts at: 15:00

Title: The Story

Country: Serbia
Director: Aleksandra Pejić

Title: Gilijаnov film

Country: USA, 2006
Production: New Day Films
Director: Joanne Hershfield
Producer: Joanne Hershfield


Trg Nikole Pаšićа 6
Movie showings start at 12:00 (until 17:00)
Početаk: 12:00 čаsovа

Title: The Dreams In A Park Near Trees

Country: Serbia
Duration: 0:48:57
Director: Zoran Aleksić-Koki
Writer: Zoran Aleksić-Koki
Početаk: 13:00 čаsovа

Title: The Panwitz's Stare

Country: Germany, 1991
Duration: 1:30:00
Production: Medienwerkstatt Freiburg
Director: Didi Danquart
Writer: Karlheinz Roth, Didi Danquart
Početаk: 15:00 čаsovа

Title: Kаndаhаr/Kandahar

Country: France, IR Iran, 2001
Duration: 1:25:00
Production: BAC Films, Paris/Makhmalbaf Productions, Studio Canal
Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Producer: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Writer: Mohsen Makhmalbaf